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What does a Parish Council Do?

Your local council has an overall responsibility for the well being of your local neighbourhood.

Their work falls into three main categories:

- Representing the local community

- Delivering services to meet local needs

- Striving to improve the quality of life in the local    area.

Your Parish Council, as the tier of local  government closest to the community, is often the first point of contact when local concerns arise.  

Parish Councillors are ideally placed to understand local issues and to lobby the most appropriate  stakeholders for action.

Your Parish Council provides:

- allotments

- open spaces

- play equipment

- bus shelters

- local knowledge on planning and traffic    management issues

- children’s school holiday activities

- Christmas Lights

-    Grants & sponsorship -

-    summer and winter planting

-    general maintenance of village open spaces

       among many other activities.  

With the support of the local community, a Parish Councillor is well placed to  identify local needs and secure delivery.

The Council meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 7.00pm until about 9.00pm.  

If you’re wondering what the Council do, the best way to find out is to attend a meeting and read the agendas to be found on Council notice-boards throughout the Parish.

Alternatively visit the Parish Council web site:


where the minutes of previous meetings, newsletters and further information about the Parish Council is available.

You may but don’t have to be connected to a political party.

If you do become a parish councillor you will have to sign up to the Code of Conduct. You can see the current code on the Legislation.gov website


Whats Next?

If you are considering becoming a candidate for election you are very strongly recommended to contact the Returning Officer at the District Council to obtain information on what you need to do, to be nominated.

All of the District Councils produce  leaflets on Election Procedures. It is imperative that these are followed or you may find your have  disqualified yourself from candidacy.

Procedure for a Casual Vacancy for a Parish Councillor?

There are currently no vacancies on the Council. If you are interested in being a Parish Councillor you could stand for election in 2015. Should a vacancy arise on the Council in the mean time it will be advertised on the Parish Council web site and Parish notice-boards.

If you would like to know more about standing for the Parish Council contact the Clerk, Maxine Baker on 01902 842426 for further details.

How long does a Parish Councillor serve for?

Once elected, parish councillors sit on the council for a maximum of four years. If they then want to stay in the post they can stand for re-election.

It doesn’t mean that you have to stay for four years, if you find it’s not for you or you can no longer meet the  commitment you can stand down.

Am I eligible to be a Parish Councillor?

To stand for election on a parish council, you must:

be a UK or Commonwealth citizen, or;

be a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, or;

be a citizen of another Member state of the European Union;

be at least 18 years old.

To be eligible to stand for an election for a particular  parish, you must:  

be an elector of the parish, or;

for the whole of the previous 12 months have occupied (as owner or tenant) land or other premises in the parish, or;

during the previous 12 months have worked in the parish (as your principal or only place of work), or;

for the whole of the previous 12 months lived in the  parish or within three miles of the parish boundary.


Contact Details

The Clerk to the Parish Council                                   

Codsall Parish Council                                                  

Station Road                                                             


South Staffordshire                                                      

WV8 1BY                                                                          

Tel 01902 842426

Returning Officer                                                         

South Staffordshire District Council                                  

Council Offices                                                             

Wolverhampton Road                                                  

South Staffordshire                                                      

WV8 1PX                                                                               

Tel 01902 696000