a. Finance Committee     Cllrs Michell, Holland, Chapman, Millar,       Spencer, Jeavons, Mrs K Ewart, Jenkinson and Barrow b. Personnel Committee     All Parish Councillors c. Village Hall Management Committee Representatives      Cllrs Barrow , Kenyon and Cllr Chapman - District Council representative d. Open Spaces Committee     Cllrs Kenyon, Millar, Caine, Morrison, Loftus, Holland, Jeavons, Jenkinson,       Chapman, Barrow, Walls and Ewart APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES 2018 e. Business Plan Committee     Cllrs Holland, Barrow, Chapman, Jeavons, I Kenyon & Spencer   F. Car Park Committee     Cllrs Barrow, Chapman, Ewart, Holland, Jeavons, Kenyon,      Michell and Wright