Freedom of Information Act 2000  

The following documents are available on written request to the Parish Council office during normal office hours.  The fees for production of this information are £5 per document plus 25 pence per page copy fee.  

These documents listed below will be provided within 14 days of receipt of request or as soon as is practicable if not possible within 14 days, an acknowledgement will be issued.  

A: Council Internal Practice and Procedure 

Minutes of Parish Council and Sub committee meetings - limited to last two years.

Procedural Standing Orders

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting - limited to last two years.  

B: Code of Conduct 

Members Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Members Register of Interests

Register of Members Interest Book  

C: Periodic Electoral Review 

Information concerning electoral arrangements for Parish Council.  This includes any recommendations for creation of new wards or number of elected councillors to the Parish Council.  

D: Employment Practice and Procedure 

Terms and Conditions of employment

Job Descriptions  

E: Planning Documents 

Minutes of Planning Meetings - limited to last two years  

F: Audit and Accounts 

Annual Statutory report by auditor limited to last financial year

Receipts/Payments, receipts of all kinds, Bank statements  limited to last financial year

Accept Request limited to last financial year

VAT records limited to last financial year

Financial Standing Orders and Regulations

Asset Register

Risk Assessment

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