Full documents relating to South Staffordshire District Council’s  Local Plan & Consultation can be viewed on their website via the  following link: https://www.sstaffs.gov.uk/planning/spatial- housing-strategy-infrastructure-delivery.cfm

        Consultation Ends 5pm - 12th December  2019

  Easy access to some of the documents & Response forms can be   obtained here:

          October 19 document


South Staffordshire Local Plan

         Public Meeting held on 11th November 2019

  .Abridged version  of Codsall Parish Council’s     response to the Local Plan

   Full response

  We would like to encourage as many residents   to respond to the consultation and to   emphasise    that  options for  building on low   to moderate    sensitive greenbelt within the   District should be utilised  before  any of the   moderate - high  sensitive   greenbelt land is   used.


Codsall Parish Councils abbreviated  response